Nirvana Realty Launches Nirvana Signature Resorts – The Ideal Choice For Staycations In 2021

Seldom has the global community rejoiced as much at the passing of a year as it did when we bid adieu to 2020. Condemned to be remembered as one of the most tumultuous years in modern history, 2020 was the year a pandemic brought life to a standstill for months in most parts of the world. However, with unprecedented challenges, come great opportunities and beautiful beginnings. With robust safety protocols in place and everyone being highly conscious of maintaining high levels of hygiene, people are finding it increasingly comfortable to leave behind the torturous past of staying confined to their homes and are beginning to enjoy life outdoors once again in under ‘new normal’ circumstances.

One such new normal is the concept of the ‘Staycation’. While in the past, staycations were simultaneously considered both dull and privileged, they may soon turn out to be the preferred choice of vacationing for millions. It is in this backdrop that Nirvana Realty is launching Nirvana Signature Resorts, a thoughtfully-planned themed resort that offers vast open spaces, expansive greenery and riverside areas along with world-class facilities. The resort also offers great investment opportunity with Assured Resort Income – making Nirvana Signature Resorts the perfect earn-while-you-sojourn option.

Mr. Punit Agarwal, M.D & C.E.O, Nirvana Realty, said, “Our signature resorts achieve two purposes. While on the one hand, these spaces are perfect choices for a memorable staycation, they also double up as a great investment opportunity on the other hand. With the feasible down payment schemes we offer along with a ‘0 EMI till possession’ offer, we are one of the safest investment opportunities in 2021.”

Why Nirvana Signature Resorts?

✔ Pre-Launch price starting from Rs 21 Lakh

✔ Lets you invest with a down payment of Rs 1.99 Lakh, 0 EMI till Possession

✔ High ROI & Property Appreciation

✔ Strategically located in Khopoli & Wada

✔ Booking by Allotment Scheme

✔ Attractive Pre-Launch Offers


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