Sandeep Yadav And His Companions Fighting Against Corona Relentlessly Round The Clock To Save Our Country And Vicinity

Since the time the pandemic has hit our country , we have few strong warriors of nation who are working relentlessly round the clock to save our country and vicinity.

Yes Sandeep Yadav (BJYM Mumbai North West district Vice President) is one of them, he along with president Shantanu Agasti (President North West district BJYM Mumbai)  have distributed Rations to many in need in the district.

Sandeep personally has done sanitization of several buildings in Lokhandwala and Shastri Nagar  in Versova constituency, volunteers assiting  him have done sanitazing in several societies in Seven Bunglows , Mhada, including schools.

Sandeep Yadav says’under the leader ship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, Leader of opposition Shri Devendra Fadnavis ji, BJYM President Poonam Mahajan ji, BJYM Mumbai President Shri Tajinder Tiwana ji, Shree Mohit Bhartiya ji, Mla and Bjp Mumbai President Mangal Prabhat Lodha ji, Mla Ameet Satam  ji , Mla Bharti Lavekarji, Mla Vidya Thakur ji, Raghunath Kulkarni ji, Bjp Zilla President Santosh Medekar ji, Maharashtra secretary Shri Sanjay Pandey ji , BJYM Zilla President Shri Shantanu Agasti ji, “We are working hard to fight against this virus, this is a hard time in our country with such inhumane virus hitting us , I along with my President Shri Shantanu Agasti and our BJYM team mates are working in shifts and are providing rations to needy, senior citizens and migrant workers from wherever, we are getting the request list, we also get most of the list on twitter, we have distributed more than 10k kgs of rations already directly to the needy.


We have sanitized several buildings on request, I personally think we all should come together as one and fight against this pandemic irrespective of cast creed and religion or any political party, we are one as Indians, we shall and we will come out of this our Hon Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji will help India bounce back.

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