Supermodal Angel Tetarbe – Winner in Germany Miss Glamourface world-Best National Costume 2018

On International Supermodal Angel Tetarbe  Miss Glamourface world-“Best National Costume “2018 Winner in Germany, Got Honour for our country

India is proud of u.

Angel Tetarbe  has made our country  proud  by winning  in international  level in Germany  as Miss Glamourface World-Best National  Costume  “2018…

First she won  Miss Glamourface world- India 2017.on 30th Sept

And as Winner  she represented our country India in Germany..

And finally  got honor  for our  country  among  various  countries..

She believes  in devotion  dedication  and determination  is fuel to success.She says..

It’s god’s blessings for giving me such a golden opportunity to represent my country India in Germany and winning there  ..and my parents blessings for supporting  me every way in the journey to my achievements.. She is also “Niff Miss India -Best Smile ” winner in 2017.. However her journey  towards  the  goal was not that easy  but she ‘never gave  up and kept  fighting..

She is extremely ambitious girl ..

She says:

Everyone  shld  have some  goal in life  with passion to achieve it..

Your  goal is important  but u should enjoy the journey of ur life while following  yr passion to achieve success.. It’s about yr hard work patience  and good luck  which  comes  wd the  blessings of your god n parents..

I love my parents v much  and my mom is my strength  ..she always  encouraged me and  guided  me to do good for others  whatever it may be, being a good human being is the most important quality of a human being..


She taught me to give ur best and leave it to god, always  respect ur elders and be kind to poor  n needy..   Whether  u achieve success or no but do good toward  society n needy people.. Here we tell u very exciting and thrilling  story  of Sheer determination  of Miss Angel Tetarbe about her journey of representing India in Germany and the obstacles and hinderances  created by German Embassy in In mumbai..

She says..

Immediately after Winning  Miss Glamourface world-India 2017.on 30th Sept  I went to london  for 3months. As soon i came bck in  jan 2018.i applied  for German visa  as I had to leave  for Germany  for my international German  Pageant..

But the  Embassy refused me to grant   visa on my renewed  fresh passport valid for 10yrs.. And this came  as  a rude shock to me as i was going to represent my country India not for holiday.. And for  no reason they were  trying  to delay my the whole trip. But I didn’t give up  and went to Police commissioner of Mumbai.. Then they guided me.. Then I mailed  Sushma Swaraj  minister of External Affairs ..and then met Mrs Swati Kulkarni.. Passport department Head of Maharashtra..

And finally the intervention of  Mrs Swati Kulkarni..  And Minister of External Affairs Germany Embassy was compelled to grant me visa on time..

Am v thankful  of Mrs Swati Kulkarni.. That’ she supported  me immediately  and solved my problem..

There  were  umpteen hindrances created  by the  Embassy  but I had full hope in lord Shiva and I finally made it to the event in Berlin..

I reached  venue Finale event day and made last moment  entry.. But whether I win there or no I made it sure  I have  to represent my country India on international platform..  its my duty  .. I went to  Haji Ali  also  before leaving  for Germany..


I reached for the show last moment in March.. and by gods grace  i came out as victorious..

So it was a great moment  for me and proud

moment  for my family n frends..gods blessings!!!

Angel Got the honour for our country..

It’s really nothing less than a Bollywood climax.. You  have made us really very proud..

Bollywood will be excited to greet you on this wonderful occasion..

Heartiest congratulations on your victory  and it’s  the  victory of all Indian in Germany..

You  got the opportunity to be chosen  as Brand  Face of 130crores  of population  of India by Winning Miss Glamourface world -India..

And u finally got  India win on international  level..

Indeed you are Charming intelligent  and a great  fighter who never gives up….

We hope to see u soon in silver screen as she is  talented  actress  and a great  dancer  too and above all a beautiful heart  good  human being..

After  winning in Germany  she left  for London  holiday then to New York ,Turkey, Dubai then to Los Angeles.. As she was  invited  there in LA for some Award function and to explore  work opportunities  in Hollywood but she chose  to come back to India  and celebrate her success with  her family and friends and interactions with media which is very important  because it’s media  support who shines the brand..

I love my Country and I am proud Indian..

And I have travelled  world best cities to interact with  people  and celebrating this moment of  triumph.. Angel is beautiful girl with beautiful  heart n soul.

She is Ranchi city  born girl came to mumbai  wd big dreams.. Her dad Mr Ashok Kumar Tetarbe is an Author  written English book “Kolis and Mumbai fisherman ” And her mother Mrs Jyotsna Bala Tetarbe is housewife  and strong support to her daughter..

She has one younger  sweet sis  name  Honey, she is Fashion designer .. She says whatever I am today  is becos of my mom and Loving family..

Am enjoying my journey to success every moment and am very happy and thankful to my god. I really wish to take my parents on a World  Tour as they deserve the best for loving me and supporting me so much in life.. They r like god to me on this earth..

I shall resume my activities as new film offers are on cards and let’s see what next by gods grace coming up..

I love to  work wd Salman Khan and Ranvir Kapoor  as both my favorite.. And am big fan of Madhuri Dixit and great admirer  of Aishwarya Rai  Bacchhan.. She is goddess of Beauty  n wealth..

Great Legend singer  Udit Narayan ji and his wife Deepa narayan ji  also very much encouraged  me and  boosted my confidence reach Germany  and win. Am. Very thankful to them all my life..

Angel  indeed looks like  Barbie doll.. She is really a blessed child..

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