NAYSA Child Artiste All Set To Make Her Impact In Film Industry

NAYSA N. CHARANYA  has emerged as a new Child Artiste to Film Industry. With her first entry she got debut assignment of new film HALKATT. Soft spoken, photogenic and dialogue delivery of this child is remarkable.

After seeing the auditions of NAYSA N. CHARANYA Vishal was he was so impressed that he immediately gave her the role by replacing welknown child artiste for NAYSA he says  I will give her more  roles in his coming short films too.

NAYSA N. CHARANYA is Just 10 years old, has already done an Devotional  Album very talented artiste and has to her credit an Award & Certificate of Appreciation for performing In school.


Apart from studing she is  fond of reading, dancing and acting, which she is bent to make her career in future. She can be contact for any films, short films, add films or Print Media shoot.

Good Luck to this talented child artiste NAYSA who is going to shine like a star  with her talent & Success and make her parents proud. She can be contacted thru her parents Mr NAUSHAD mobile no. 9727733875

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